76 Proven Self-Care Techniques You Can Do on Your Own

• Physical book, so it is always within reach. 

• Simple techniques you can do anytime and almost anywhere to help yourself, no equipment needed.  Powerful healing is in your hands.

• Help to relieve symptoms from headache, toothache, high blood pressure, sleeping problems, stress, breathing, digestions, eyes, and much much more.  

• Applicable for adults, babies, and small children!  

• You have the power to help yourself, your family and your loved ones to heal and live a pain-free life!

• These 76 techniques for self-healing cover most modern physical health challenges.

Head-to-Toe Healing

Your Body's Repair Manual


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Simple Healing Techniques | Samples from the Book

Since experiencing complete self-healing from his severe knee arthritis, neck bone spurts, and suicidal depression, Master Chunyi Lin has lived a fully energized life. He’s helped hundreds of thousands of people around the globe transform their lives, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. People who start Master Chunyi Lin's simple and powerful self-care methods feel more alive, energized, and fulfilled in life.

In Head-to-Toe Healing: Your Body's Healing Manual, Master Lin teaches ways to improve the quality of your life by learning how to activate the body's healing intelligence that is within each and every one of us.

About the Author

Master Chunyi Lin

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Every once in a long while a body of work comes together that will truly bring light to the hearts and minds of those it touches and a deep healing will occur. Master Lin has been the steward of such a work. These pages are a pure reflection of his intention to bring peace and healing to any who seek. Through the empowerment of those who practice it, the result of using this wisdom will speak for itself. Thank you, Master Lin, for your great contribution.

Dr. Sue Morter

Founder, Morter Institute and HealthCenter, Bridging Science, Spirit and Human Possibility

Head-to-Toe Healing

Your Body's Repair Manual


Only $4.95 Shipping in US Domestic

Just click on the regular shipping and it will automatically discount the shipping price.

Our Readers Love It

Marci Shimoff

This is a wonderfully useful reference for anyone interested in playing an active role in healing themselves. Just look up your symptom (headache, nausea, sinus problems, etc.), and you will be given some simple steps to help your situation. Very easy to understand and apply. I love this book.

New York Times best-selling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

Dr. Bill Manahan

Master Lin provides the reader with easy-to-digest information and easy-to-do exercises that give birth to the innate wisdom of the body to help itself heal. Energy healing such as Spring Forest Qigong will soon be as common a prescription for treatment of illnesses as are pharmaceuticals at this time.

M.D., Past President of the American Holistic Medical Association and Assistant Professor Emeritus, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, University of Minnesota Academic Health Center

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