Chunyi Lin

Qigong Master


SEPTEMBER 21, 2019

One Day Qigong Retreat & Healing Meditation for All

Stay in Master Chunyi Lin's energy for one day and experience deep healing.  Explore the depth of Qigong by practicing healing movements and deep meditations with Chunyi.  

In this one day retreat, a mixture of Qigong knowledge, movements, healing, and meditations will be introduced. Master Lin is teaching Qigong with a focus on transformational Qigong breathing, which has been kept secret since ancient times. This kind of breathing is an essential practice for reversing health challenges and cultivating your own energy.

The "things" happening inside of us are the things most crucial to our health.  Master Lin will guide you in experiencing authentic Qigong breathing, so you can renew your body's energy. By moving your own energy like this, you harvest Qi for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. 

Are you looking for healing? Maybe you are "stuck" and hit a plateau? Do you want to deepen your Qigong practice?  Don't miss this opportunity of a one-day Qigong retreat with Master Lin in Chicago. Just imagine what will happen if you can raise your energy vibration just one more notch!





Go Deep Into Qigong

One Day Qigong Healing Retreat 9AM - 3PM




A Qigong meditation designed for you to experience the power of emptiness. Take part in this rare opportunity to meditate with Master Chunyi Lin on the afternoon of September 21st, from 4-5 pm. You are bound to discover that your "monkey mind" is only a form of energy waiting for the right guidance.

This Qigong meditation is suitable for Qigong practitioners of all levels. Whether you are new to Qigong or have practiced for years, Master Lin will take you deep, deep into stillness, which allows you to penetrate to the next level of healing and enlightenment.

"It is in the emptiness that our body resets the energy patterns, and that is how and where the miracle healing happens." 

-- Chunyi Lin, Qigong Master

This hour-long meditation session starts with an opening message from Master Lin, followed by a short practice of his signature Five Element Qigong Healing Movements. It closes with a long, deep meditation. You will go home energized and super-charged with Qi. 

Healing Meditation for All

Healing Meditation for All 4PM - 5PM

Miracles of Qigong Healing

This can be you - completely healed.

See how Spring Forest Qigong positively impacts lives every day.

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One Day Qigong Healing Retreat

Balance the body's energy

Prevent illnesses

More energy

Clarity of the mind

Better sleep

Build life habits for success

Help others heal

Heal your relationships

Learn Qigong from a Master

Master Lin has made private healing appointments available for two days in Chicago. You can experience the power of Qigong healing by a legendary Qigong Master first-hand by signing up for a session, either for yourself or for your loved ones. 

Spots are limited, so please sign up early. Contact the Healing Center at 

1+952-593-5555, Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm

Rest assured, knowing you are receiving in-person Qigong Healing from the world's most sought-after Qigong Master. Qigong Healing is signal healing and information healing. It does not treat symptoms; instead, it goes directly to the root cause of the problem. Qigong clears old and unbalanced "information," removing energy blockages so the body's Qi can flow. By removing the energy blockages and balancing the body's energy, healing occurs naturally.

These private, in-person healing sessions with Master Lin are extremely limited. Please reserve yours quickly, as Master Lin is only offering two days of healing sessions in Chicago.  Contact the Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center and our staff will work with you to schedule the exact time of your healing session on either the 20th or the 21th of September. They will also provide detailed information on the location.

Private Healing Sessions with Master Chunyi Lin














Simple Pricing Plans for the Event

Healing Meditation for All



September 21, Starting at 4PM

One Day Qigong Healing Retreat



September 21, Starting at 9AM

Healing Meditation for All $79 FREE

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Try it -- you just might find your answer! Physical healing is one side, while healing the body's energy is the other side. If you separate the two, the healing is not complete.

The Signature of Spring Forest Qigong

Internationally-renowned Qigong Master and multiple-bestselling author. For more than 25 years, Chunyi Lin has been healing, teaching, and speaking to individuals, businesses and large audiences to help them unlock their healing power, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Delivering profound, powerful learning and coaching programs around the world, Chunyi has reached out to hundreds of thousands of individuals to create life-changing positive influences. Having taught Qigong, energy healing, and the principles of healthy Qi-full living and eating, and having led personal enlightenment retreats intense Certified Qigong Healer and Instructor programs, Chunyi’s knowledge and expertise in using ancient wisdom and Qigong to heal is both wide and deep.

Chunyi has dedicated his entire adult life to growth, change, and inspiration. His life mission is “a healer in every home and a world without pain and suffering.” He is deeply committed to QIGONG HEALING as a powerful tool for creating lasting results and causing massive shifts in people. He has spoken to groups as large as 4,000 and in more than eleven countries around the world.

Chunyi Lin

Qigong Master

Get to Know Master Chunyi Lin

"Like yoga, qigong teaches you to balance energy in your body. Master Chunyi Lin has developed an easy-to-follow program that will allow you to incorporate the health benefits of qigong into your daily life."

Dr. Deepak Chopra


"Spring Forest Qigong is going to revolutionize the manner in which we look at healing."

Dr. Bill Manahan


"I spent a week with Master Chunyi Lin practicing Spring Forest Qigong, the results are amazing!  I feel the true vitality energy in my body, I have more energy than ever!"

Jack Canfield

Author, "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

Professional Recommendations

How does Qigong heal?

Qigong is well-known to help prevent illnesses and heal chronic challenges. More and more people in the western world recognize its healing power. More and more scientists are trying to understand why Qigong has healing power. But most of the studies focus solely on the mechanical and chemical results related to a person’s health. How are these mechanical and chemical results in the body created? And how can Qigong help sustain these results for continuous benefit - for a person’s best interests of staying healthy and happy?

Why do we get sick?

From Qigong's perspective, we get sick because the body's yin and yang energies get out of balance. The longer the yin and yang are out of balance in the body, the deeper the message of the imbalance goes into to the cellular level, and the sicker a person can get.

Causes of Yin-Yang imbalance in the body?

There are many reasons, but here are a few of the main ones:

  • unhealthy lifestyle
  • sleeping disorders
  • eating disorders
  • stress
  • negative mindset
  • unbalanced emotions
  • injuries not healed in time and properly
  • karma from past lives

Qigong for complete healing

Qigong healing is from the root cause.  It is healing at the cellular and spiritual levels.

  • the differences of Taichi, yoga, and Qigong
  • repeated movements for a certain length of time
  • slow and gentle movements
  • “SONG” -- a special kind of relaxation 
  • deeply feel the energy flow in your body
  • put the feeling of happiness in your Qigong practice
  • activate the unconditional love energy in your body and the universe to heal

Chicago, IL

Two Prudential Plaza

180 North Stetson Avenue

Chicago, IL 60601

Private Healing Session Location

Downtown Chicago

*details to follow via email

150 North Riverside Plaza

Chicago, IL 60606

Retreat Location

Downtown Chicago

*details to follow via email


What are you waiting for?

Empower Yourself.  Start your healing today.

Simple Pricing Plans for the Event

Healing Meditation for All



September 21, Starting at 4PM

One Day Qigong Healing Retreat



September 21, Starting at 9AM

Healing Meditation for All $79 FREE

Include Bonus:


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