October 13 - 14, 2018 | Calgary, Canada

Become A Certified Qigong Trainer

Teaching in Master Chunyi Lin's Tradition

Message From Master Chunyi Lin

Your time practicing Spring Forest Qigong has filled you with powerful energy.

You’ve learned self-empowering techniques that have eased pain physically, mentally, and spiritually. From depression relief to overall wellness and stronger spiritual connection – even prolonging the lives of dear pets. 

You’ve felt the powerful energy of Qigong flowing within yourself and others.

You’ve experienced first-hand all of the peace, calm, joy and healing that Master Chunyi Lin’s wisdom provides.

Now, you want to empower others just as you’ve been empowered.

You want to help others discover a life of purpose and balance - just as you have.

You want to help others discover that we are all born with this beautiful healing power and we can be in command of our wellness.

Our certification will help you share this gift and expand the boundaries of your practice even if:

  • You’re already teaching Qigong
  • You lack the confidence and/or experience in teaching
  • You’re unsure you want to make money from your practice
  • You’re confused about how to start teaching a Qigong class and market yourself

Advancing Your Spring Forest Qigong Journey!

Teachers teaching teachers teaching teacher's teachings

- Master Chunyi Lin

Spring Forest Qigong Certification is About

Terry Leers

Certified Qigong Trainer

Sharing and teaching your Qigong knowledge

SFQ Certified Trainer program is designed for you to do what you do best

Qigong Trainers provide more than Qigong techniques.

They raise consciousness.

They change lives.

With every class and every person you trained, the world is made a better place.

And for you, becoming certified means more than just advancing your SFQ training.

You want to further Master Chunyi Lin’s vision with open arms and open heart.

You Already Know:

How to demonstrate powerful Qigong movements that cultivate energy, remove energy blocks and heal the body from the inside out.

The fact that spiritual empowerment from Qigong enriches the lives of all those who practice it.

The fact that everyone is born with the gift of healing buried deep within.

...But You May Not Know:

The 40% of people who were diagnosed with illness are looking for alternative healing methods. 

How to start a professional-quality Qigong class.

How to share Qigong with more people by bringing attention to your services.

  • Welcome Qigong deeper into your life, have more time to practice every day, get more out of your practice and give more to the world

  • Gain confidence in your practice and fine-tune your techniques so that you know without a doubt that you’re truly helping others and yourself

  • Create more financial security with a Qigong practice that can earn you money while teaching people in need and changing lives

If you want to:

Then it’s time to ascend to the next level in your Spring Forest Qigong journey.

Join us in the SFQ Certified Trainer Program

Teaching the ancient wisdom that REALLY impact others lives positively

$799 US Dollars

A New Career Path

Qigong is finally getting the attentions from the main stream health professionals.  Become a pioneer in Qigong teaching and gain credibility and authority in this energy medicine field

"My friends, I welcome you to master these abilities and use them spread love and health. 

May the experience and certification you receive from this course aid you in your journey.”

 - Master Chunyi Lin

"Spring Forest Qigong was created to show people the healing gift inside of them, so that they may create wellness within themselves and others."

Certified to teaching Spring Forest Qigong Level One classes

Standardized class price

Spring Forest Qigong will support Trainers by marketing of their classes on the Spring Forest Qigong website including:

Why Should You Be A Certified Trainer?

  • Access to “Tools for Success,” a set of easy to use marketing tools.
  • Managing all class registration/enrollment through Spring Forest Qigong website
  • Spring Forest Qigong will handle all customer service questions
  • Marketing all class with marketing emails and website listings
  • All certificates will be formatted by Spring Forest Qigong and sent to Certified Trainer for printing
  • Wholesale price for Spring Forest Qigong brand teaching materials
  • SFQ charges 20% of class registration

Love What You Do But Don't Care About Marketing?

Spring Forest Qigong provides full range support to our Certified Professionals.  No need to create your business card, class brochures, as they are all done for you!  All the marketing and teaching materials are waiting in the "Toolbox for Success" for you to use them!

Become a SFQ Certified Qigong Trainer, you can truly focus on doing what you love!

Master your abilities with in-depth guided technique reviews and ample practice time. Our teachers will help you refine your Qigong movements and meditation techniques as well as Qigong knowledge to help you be the best Qigong trainer possible. You’ll also receive handouts to take home on every technique reviewed during the course for future referencing.

Develop pure confidence in your practice so you can go into your Qigong class assured of the difference you’re about to make in someone’s life. You’ll be shown exactly how a Master teaches Qigong class. Need a roadmap? We’ll walk you through your very own Self Development Action Plan, too.

Earn money doing work that spiritually fulfills you. Discover how teaching others from a place of passion may help improve your financial life. Spreading health and wellness can be an immensely satisfying job (just like a doctor, a massage therapist or a yoga teacher).

Teach students how to take control of their healing journey through the power of Qigong. With SFQ, anyone can learn to heal themselves. Help people who suffer with pain take an active role in their health and wellness.

Untangle any marketing confusions with our full range support so you can do what you do best, teaching!  Spring Forest Qigong home office will manage all the class marketing and promotion, students registration, customer service, class certificate, students record keeping, and class survey.  

Continuous support with access to our Toolbox for Success that will be provided for you. You’ll receive class teaching materials, students handouts, marketing brochure templates, business card templates and supplemental info on starting your business.

Pick the brains of Master Teachers during an open conversational session where you can get answers to any questions you may have.

Gain attention and trust with an SFQ Certification. Whether it’s to compliment your existing credentials or to prove credibility and mastery of Spring Forest Qigong, a certification gives your Qigong practice a polished level of professionalism.

Get added to our Certified Professionals World Map located on the SFQ website. With your own trainer profile and location marked on our map, students in your area will be able to find you with ease.

Achieving All Of This Is Within Your Grasp

2-Day Training in Calgary, Canada

October 13 - 14, 2018

$799 US Dollars

Part 1 – Pre-course self-study

Put serious heartfelt practice into your Qigong teaching work to get the most out of your live training.

We want all of our students to arrive ready to fine-tune their techniques and elevate their teaching to the next level.  A series of pre-training videos will be send to you prior to the class.

Pre-Training Self-Study + 2-Day Live Training

The Training Comes In 2 Parts:

Part 2 – Live Training Class

Join us on a beautiful 2-day training retreat where you’ll receive direct feedback and coaching from SFQ Masters, peer practitioners, daily guided meditations, value-packed presentations and more!

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Calgary University, 2373 Banff Trail NW Calgary, AB. T2M 4L2 Canada

You'll Receive Upon Completion

Handouts Students

Easily empowering your clients so they can experience maximum healing

Official Trainer Profile on SFQ Website

Includes your bio, photo, contact information, and earned badge on our Certified Professional Map

Spring Forest Qigong Trainer Certificate

Official certification status with paper certificate.  Displays beautifully in your home or office

Toolbox For Success

  • Sample Business Forms for Your Business
  • Branded Marketing Brochure Template
  •  Branded Business Card Template
  •  Business Start-up and Marketing Supplemental Information
  • Class training materials

Continued Support From SFQ

  • Receive email invitations to special SFQ retreats and events
  • Your SFQ family is always here to help with any questions you may have

Wholesale Learning Materials and Select Class Discounts

As a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional, you are entitled to receive wholesale discount for SFQ branded learning materials; in addition, you are also receiving discount to continuing your learning with Spring Forest Qigong trainings

Spring Forest Qigong Level Three for Advanced Healing live training with a qualified Instructor

Be a Certified Practice Group Leader


The Certified Practice Group Leader is a $99, online certification program so you can complete this training in the comfort of your home.  You will need to complete Spring Forest Qigong Level 1, Level 2, and understand the Five Element Qigong Healing Movements in order to apply for the online certification training. 

Certified Practice Group Leader


Certified Trainers must re-certify every three years by attending a one day re-certification class.

Every 3 years, Certified Trainers must satisfy the continuing education minimum requirement of 7 Spring Forest Qigong Credits

Spring Forest Qigong

Certified Qigong Trainer

2-Day Certification Training

October 13 - 14, 2018 | Calgary, Canada

$799 US Dollars

Your Trainers

Master Munira Jiwa is a Spreader of Qi-Joy at her Calgary, Canada based business - Core Energy Wellness. Munira experienced a complete transformation from her chronic neck and back pain after discovering SFQ in 2006. With renewed energy and sense of purpose she now devotes her time to sharing SFQ with everyone she meets.

As a Spring Forest Qigong Master, Master Teacher, Master Healer and Certified Level 1 & 2 Instructor,, Munira has shared this simple and profound practice with many Canadians, enriching not only their lives, but her own in the process.

Munira graduated as a Physical Therapist in 1995 and has worked with a diverse group of clientele.

Munira is married and the mother of 2 active teenage boys. In her spare time, she paints, sings, and plays soccer.

Master Munira Jiwa

Qigong Master Gadu (Katsushi F. Schmitz) has been practicing Spring Forest Qigong since 2008, and was awarded Qigong Master in 2017 by Master Chunyi Lin. He resonates deeply with Master Lin’s motto: “Everyone is born a healer” and he brings Spring Forest Qigong to communities where empowerment is needed. He currently works at Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center personally chosen by the creator and founder of Spring Forest Qigong Grand Master Chunyi Lin as a staff healer.

Master Healer Gadu’s favorite thing about the healing process is to see the beautiful hope and confidence that his clients leave with after a session. “I am grateful for the understanding and energy of Qigong which empowers others to heal and live full of hope and joy.”

Gadu is a member of the SFQ Master Teacher team. He teaches Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Certification classes, Animal Healer, Qi~ssage, and other workshops.

Master Gadu

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